Test Readers?

Psst! Heey!
Looking for volunteer test readers to get some feedback on the roughs for my comic's intro (it's 20 pages)! Completely new at this so any help is really appreciated! 

More info here:


The due date I have set for myself is November 15th. So if you're interested, feel free to either comment below or message me and then once the date hits I'll send you the secret comic link!
And of course as a thank you for your time I'll draw you a little something (as well as credit you once the finalized pages get released)~ ;3

Sooo excited! I'm SO CLOSE! Everything's all sketched out, the only thing that's left is fixing up my horrendous dialogue (which has been an absolute nightmare for me. lmao!) XD

by Casscade
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User comments:
The Doodler
Sure, shoot me a link.
Thank you so SO much! Will send out the link once the due date hits! ^^
Any preference for a character of yours you'd like drawn?
The Doodler
Please excuse the delay in replying! Plague travels. Is there a character age or build that you enjoy specializing in, or one you’d like to try in particular?
It's no problem at all! As far as drawing preference, I'm fine with drawing a character of any build! ^^
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