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1st Sep 2015, 8:22 PM in Withdrawn Stuff
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Scribbley Dump
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Author Notes:
Been wanting to create a separate sketch blog for my characters and comic related junk for a while. I used to post this stuff on Tumblr but a bunch of artists I admire started watching me there so it makes me super self conscious about posting things. lol So here will do just fine~
For this first post, I figured I'd just compile a bunch of old scribbles of my babe Dom. This stupid face of his is something you'll be seeing a lot here because I draw him way more than I should :P
User comments:
but you're amaaaaaazing! D:

I love your art so so much, augh, holy shit
Awww! Thank you so much! ;.; <333
That means a lot to me, especially coming from you! Your art is super fantastic~
oh my gosh, what? you're like, on a way higher level than I am x_x your art is like, my goals.
You're making me blush! ;.; Haha! Thank you for the kind words. <3
I'm serious though! Your art is amazing! I absolutely love your style~ :D
Unka John
Very nicely done!
Thank you! :D
Yay! Sketches!!:D
I'm so hyped for this comic~~
Haha! Yeeee! That makes me so happy. ;.; I just hope I don't disappoint!
What an intriguing process, like.. you seem to color your rough sketches, then add neat line art afterwards?? XD
Unheard of! (But I love it either way :B)
It depends really. Most of the time I ink first, but if it's lineless I go straight to color. Which is probably a bad thing, but it works for me. Sometimes... XD
Hmmmmmmmmmm........but like, wouldn't the logic that artists you admire started watching you mean that your art has quality to the level that they would want to watch you? (But hey, I get it. I'm shy too on the internet, but just saying, your art is amazing and worthy to be seen by all! <3)
Haha! Yeah. XD But my shy brain is busted and makes no sense sometimes. lol
Aww! Thankies! <3
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