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13th Aug 2020, 9:17 AM in Withdrawn Stuff
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Author Notes:
Some random scribbles I did in Procreate. Procreate's my Photoshop replacement until I get a new computer (which I'm super close to getting!). It's pretty great, but man do I miss the feel of Photoshop. ;.;
(Ignore the horrible perspective on the room sketch- that's what I get for skipping out on backgrounds my whole life lmao)
User comments:
the >:D in the very top left is my favorite
Haha! Same! XD I love drawing his horrifying toothy grin. lol
Trust me, I know that feel about backgrounds. I've been debating creating backgrounds so I can copy/paste them behind my characters to make things easier...that's what I did for my recent story arc with the location the cast was at so as not to redraw the same buildings over and over. LOL

Also, is that a tarantula on Ashley's shoulder in the middle of your sketches?
Haha! Well, that is a smart idea! XD I've seen people do like 3d models for their scenes. EXTREMELY TEMPTING because I hate drawing backgrounds.

And yes! That's her pet tarantula Quentin. XD
Yeah, a fellow Comic Fury artist I used to talk to (sadly hasn't come back since 2018) used a 3D model program she had leftover from her art school days that she would use to create buildings and backgrounds in, then draw over them in the panels so they would look like they belonged with the characters in the foreground.

Quentin the tarantula! XD I imagine he could cause some trouble. Especially to those afraid of spiders.
Mmmmph I love that room art so much. It has so much character to it, such an amazing BG!
Thanks! That was like one of my first serious attempts at a bg. I hardly ever touched them beforehand. Everyone just floated in blank space. XD lol
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