Fav CF Character Meme!
10th Oct 2022, 6:52 PM in Fanfart
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Fav CF Character Meme!
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Author Notes:
Hope you guys don't mind, but I think I'm going to start dumping stuff here a bit more often. I really miss the satisfaction of posting comic stuff, so this is the closest I'll get until chapter 2 starts. XD lol I have a BIG backlog mix of fanart and comic related stuff ready to post~

Starting off: my completed version of the Favorite CF Character Meme! Narrowing down favorites was a lot harder than I expected. XD If you haven't seen it and want to fill out one for yourself, join in the fun HERE!

Characters are from:
Now Hiring
The Sunder Hunt
Loud Era
Krazy Noodle Massacre
Night Lights + Dark Places
POW! Right in the Nostalgia

User comments:
Omg still so honored by you including Tony here ;;;;; I feel that missing the feeling of posting pages thing... it's like you feel weirdly out of the loop lol like "yeah my hobby is I make comics, here's my latest work, from years ago"

But your art and comic are jaw dropping and worth the wait every time so keep doing wat u do cuz it rule
Hehe! No probs! X3
Yeah, absolutely. It definitely feels very empty not having anything to post to the main site. The waiting portion as I work things out is so painful. lol
Aww! Thank you! <33
Omg omg I'm honored you like Simeon my trash man that much thank you so much ;; I missed the thread
Haha! It's no problem at all! <33 I could not resist drawing that handsome face of his. XDD
OH MY GOODNESS. I am absolutely honored Vilkas made your list of favorite CF characters! He looks so amazing drawn by you! Look at that perfectly grumpy, angry face! It's so good! <3 Ahhhh I can't express how much this made my day, thank you Casscade!

(And I totally missed this forum. >_< I need to be better about crawling out from under my rock here).
Aww! It's no problem!! I was a total Farkas simp before, but your Vilkas won me over completely. Even when I play the actual game now, Vilkas just became my favorite out of nowhere. Lmao! XD I absolutely love your take on his character! It forever changed my view of him (in a good way of course! lol)! XD
This is the highest compliment I could receive! (On top of the amazing art you drew of him <3). Vilkas has a lot of layers that are fun to explore, and I'm glad my take of him has rubbed off on ya in all the good ways. ;)
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