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11th Oct 2022, 11:55 AM in Withdrawn Stuff
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Skyrim AU
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Author Notes:
Dumping more junk! The posts will be a big mix of comic related stuff and fanart. XD

Banana Dom the high elf. :B
I usually just play as Khajiit, but Dom's run was pretty fun. Challenging but fun. XD Tried to give him some perks that I never touch in my usual playthroughs.
Conjuration + daggers.

(He died a lot lmao)
User comments:
OH DAMN HOT?????? HELLO??????
Lmfao!! <33 XD
HA! Dom in Skyrim, I love it! <3 OH. Can I add him in the background for a scene I have coming up soon in my comic? :D

Conjuration and daggers...that's a very tough build in that game. XD I tried being a punching Khajiit only and it's tough. Very tough.
AAAAAA! Absolutely!! <3 What an honor that would be!!

Oh my God, I literally just did the punchy cat build my last playthrough! It's fun but holy shit was it hard. XD
MUWAHAHAH YES. I mean, I'm excited to have Dom make a cameo. ;)
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