12th Oct 2022, 10:29 AM in Withdrawn Stuff
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Author Notes:
Meet Jason!
He's a redesign of a character I made in middle school (like 2001/2-ish). A large portion of the minor characters that show up in the comic are redesigns of old dead ocs. :D

Jason was my baby in middle school/early high school days. But then Dom was brain-birthed and just completely took over. lol After that, Jason just faded away out of existence.

But I've found a new purpose for him! (It's a shitty one but still. lmao) Can't wait to get to his intro in chapter 3! It's a scene I'm really, REAALLY looking forward to! XD
User comments:
He looks like Dante Hicks in that one sketch with the goatee ^_~

I also took all my half-fleshed out characters over the years and recycled them into one big comic (ie, Tangentville).
I looked up Dante Hicks and oh my God! Lmao! He does!! Lol! XD

There's something special about bringing life and purpose back to old characters. Even though I haven't touched mine in like forever, I still have a weird attachment to them after all this time (no matter how cringey and edgy they were lmao XD).
So I'm glad I'm not the only one that does this! ^^
I literally put together 30 years of unfinished comic characters and even brought in some from older than that. So I feel ya!
Dang!! 30 years! That's really neat! I like to imagine that our younger selves would be probably be thrilled to know that those characters are still around after all those years. Haha! X3
I don't know him but I love him already
Aww! Haha!! Thank you! ^^
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