Rockin' Robin's Concept Scribbles
20th Oct 2022, 4:54 PM in Withdrawn Stuff
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Rockin' Robin's Concept Scribbles
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Author Notes:
Some stuff I scribbled up for chapter 2. Mostly co-workers that may pop up throughout the chapter. A lot of recycled dead characters again. XD

Rockin' Robin's is essentially a fictional Johnny Rocket's- a shitty mall burger joint with a 50s flair. A total nightmare to draw, BUT a perfect opportunity to toss some fun cameos in the background. ;D
User comments:
Ok stop me from marrying krystian but damn what a glow up for Michael

Cass I love seeing these before and afters so much, it's like a little behind the scenes Disney magic and even the old designs had so much personality even before your style evolved to its current beautay;o;
Haha!! Absolutely! His and Krys's are my favorite of the re-designs! <3 XD
Aww!! ;.; Thank you so much!! <333
Also my headcanon is this is at the garden state mall
The inspiration came from Newport Mall, but Garden State Plaza has a special place in my heart too so that works as well. XD Just gotta pick it up and move it all the way to Jersey City so it's less of a hassle for Dom to get to. lmao
I think my favorite is Missy omg she's so cute
Hehe! Thank you! ^^
Dang, it's so much fun to see the before and after of these characters and how much you've refined your art over the years! that really what Dom looked like in 2005? XD
Thank you! ^^

Lol....Yeah. XD His first couple of designs are extremely hard to look at. I have an extremely difficult time even opening that year's folder because ughhhh. lmao
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